Best Identity Theft Protection Services in 2023
Best Identity Theft Protection Services in 2023
Monitor your credit and protect yourself online
Are you monitoring your credit, home title ,loans and additional financial and state records on a regular basis? Start using a professional service.
Updated September 2023
Top Choice
Identity Defense - Multi-layered protection approach to identity theft protection. Designed for comprehensive and affordable family online protection.
  • Up to $1M in identity theft insurance & recovery
  • 3 bureau credit monitoring
  • Affordable pricing starts at $6.99/month
  • Stolen fund reimbursement
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  • Upfront & transparent pricing structure
  • All plans come with a $1 million insurance on eligible losses
  • Free 14-day trial on all plans
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on all annual plans
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  • Data security and online privacy features
  • 401k and investment monitoring
  • 30-day free trial on all plans
  • $1 million coverage for lawyers and experts on all plans
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  • IBM Watson artificial intelligence
  • $1 million identity theft insurance (For eligible funds)
  • Family plan covers four adults and unlimited children
  • Child identity protection
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Why use an identity theft protection service?

Identity theft protection companies cover many areas that directly or indirectly help Individuals protect their personal Information and resolve threats to their identity. While the specific features that Identity theft protection services offer can differ significantly, most companies will cover these three aspects of identity theft protection: Monitoring, alerts and recovery support.


This involves scanning millions of pieces of data to monitor your information online, on the dark web, or your credit file.

Can I monitor my online information and credit on my own?

In theory, you can do some of this monitoring on your own and you can also freeze your credit. However, certain processes require expertise and specialized software best left to professionals. And more importantly, if you still become a victim of identity theft, you will not have the support of an experienced team to help you recover from it.

Monitoring is the first task that an identity theft protection company undertakes to determine baseline security


This involves alerting the client of instances where their personal information has been used or compromised. Common examples involve credit inquiries, opening new accounts, and other instances of online impersonation. Once the security company detects such instances, they immediately notify the client so they can take immediate action.

This is the second step an identity theft protection company takes after monitoring your information. The main purpose of these alerts is to stop the misuse of data. Many identity theft victims find out too late about fraud that was conducted with their information and are left to deal with the repercussions.

Recovery Support

The last step in this process is recovery support. It involves steps taken to reverse the damage done due to misuse of stolen or compromised data. Recovery support may include ID theft insurance or the recovery of funds stolen due to identity theft. Some companies offer ID theft insurance for up to $1 million.

Today, many identity theft protection service providers also offer tangential services and tools to protect your identity online or monitor local sex offender registries. Others will also monitor social media platforms, the dark web, and other avenues to monitor the potential trafficking of stolen personal and financial data.