Norton Review 2023

  • Top-notch protection against ransomware attacks
  • Includes firewall, online backup and password manager
  • 60-day money-back-guarantee
  • Somewhat pricy
  • Limited features access via mobile
  • No multi-license rates
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Considered one of the best consumer antivirus software since its initial launch in 1991, Norton offers users a wide range of security tools and features. User reviews on Trustpilot have consistently recognized it for its expansive suite, but some have balked at its price and lack of a trial version.

Norton has consistently topped many best antivirus lists because of its top-of-the-line malware directory and AI learning system that detects threats in real-time with minimal effect on system processes.

Norton Review: Platform Devices and Accessibility

Norton is easy to download and install on computers. Users just need to go to the website and choose their OS (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
Unfortunately, Norton doesn’t bundle all of its features for gadgets, but you can use its App Advisor to see which ones you need for your device.
Once installed, you can use Norton’s classic user interface or the default interface with My Norton. Both are easy to navigate, with clear links to all the system’s features.

Norton Review: User Experience

Some first-time users can be overwhelmed by Norton’s features, but once you start, it is easy to navigate and use the features you want.
Users must sign in to their accounts for their subscriptions to be authorized. Not doing so will result in annoying notifications that remind you of the 30-day registration period. Without a registered account, Norton will not update its system.

Norton Review: Plans, Pricing and Rates

Norton Antivirus Plus – $19.99 / year

The Plus Plan covers only one device and includes the following features:

  • Anti-spyware, antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection
  • Online threat protection
  • Cloud backup (2 GB)
  • Firewall
  • Password manager
  • Virus protection
  • Norton 360 Standard – $39.99 / year
  • Norton 360 Standard covers three devices. It includes everything in the Plus Plan, with these additional features:
  • Secure VPN for three devices
  • PC SafeCam
  • Dark web monitoring

Norton 360 Deluxe – $49.99 / year

Norton 360 Deluxe covers five devices. It includes everything in the 360 Standard Plan, plus the following:

  • Cloud Backup (50 GB)
  • Parental Control
  • School time
  • Secure VPN for five devices
  • Privacy monitor

Norton 360 Select (with LifeLock) – $99.48 / year

Norton 360 Select includes LifeLock features and covers 10 devices. It includes everything in the 360 Deluxe Plan, plus these comprehensive features:

  • Cloud Backup (250 GB)
  • Secure VPN for 10 devices
  • LifeLock Identity Alert System
  • Identity Restoration Specialists (US residents only)
  • Stolen Wallet Protection
  • Million dollar protection package (stolen funds reimbursement, compensation, and coverage fees for lawyers and experts)
  • Credit monitoring (one credit bureau only)
  • Credit alerts and SSN alerts
  • ID verification and monitoring

Norton Review: Features

Norton’s extensive features provide users maximum protection from all kinds of digital threats. It includes a safe web search, VPN, firewall, password manager, and parental controls.

With ransomware remediation, users can restore lost information. Norton’s insurance policy covers expenses for securing experts and reimburses users for stolen assets and other personal compensation.

Malware Protection

Norton’s antivirus provides real-time protection against all types of malware, spyware, worms, viruses, and trojans. You can use its malware protection on-demand, and along with its firewall and password manager, prevent hackers and suspicious sites from accessing your system.
Norton’s cloud storage allows users to back up their data, and restore it if their files have been infected.

Phishing Protection

The Safe Web browser extension protects systems from phishing threats. It reviews all web pages and puts you in isolation mode to prevent malware from stealing your information.

Norton’s Safe Search is a search engine that assesses all the sites you visit and rates them in colors: green is safe, red is dangerous, and orange is high risk.

Ransomware Protection

Norton updates regularly and detects new ransomware, cryptohackers, rootkits, and adware.
The LifeLock Identity Alert System alerts users of possible identity and data theft.

Norton Review: Customer Service

Customer support is available through email, live chat, phone, community forums, troubleshooting guides, and FAQs. Some of these support channels can be challenging to navigate.

Live chats start with a bot, and you need to make several attempts to reach a human customer representative.

Norton Review: The Bottom Line

Considering the number of advanced features and top-of-the-line malware detection, Norton 360 Deluxe is a fantastic deal.

But of course, there’s always room for improvement. Norton’s excessive notifications can be bothersome, and its VPN and search engine may not work well in some locations.

Our reviews are the opinion of our editorial team and are not impacted by the advertising fees that our advertisers may pay us.
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Norton Norton
Our reviews are the opinion of our editorial team and are not impacted by the advertising fees that our advertisers may pay us.
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