OVPN Review 2023

  • Advance torrenting support
  • Multiple configuration options
  • No-log policy
  • Anonymous payment options
  • 10-day money-back guarantee on all plans
  • Limited server network (only 32 countries)
  • Some plans are relatively pricy
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OVPN is a Sweden-based VPN service launched in 2015. It is best known for its highly secure range of VPN and other security features protected by its no-logs policy.

The company has a relatively limited network, with roughly 118 servers in 32 countries across the globe. By keeping its server network small, OVPN ensures they all remain secure and deliver high-quality service. It prevents server congestion by expanding its network every time one reaches 60% capacity.

OVPN owns and operates all of its diskless servers with its own personnel. This means its servers are configured just the way its teams want.
Let’s see how this service performs when it comes to speed, security, network, streaming, and other important functions.

OVPN review – Speed

OVPN supports OpenVPN and WireGuard. The provider connects to the best server after analyzing the current traffic load and the proximity of the server locations. It does a pretty good job too, which you can compare yourself by switching servers.

You can choose a specific server to connect to, but there is no assurance that the connection will be optimized. You may experience lags and disconnections if you choose an overloaded server in a certain city or country.

OVPN – Regular Transparency Reports

OVPN has been publishing monthly transparency reports since 2014. They include all the information on data center loading, volume of data encrypted, requests received by OVPN for user data access, etc. Users can access these transparency reports through the Service status page on the official website.

OVPN review – Features

OVPN’s main offerings are focused on security and privacy:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • DNSCrypt
  • DNS leak protection
  • Best server option
  • Ad tracker blocker
  • Kill Switch
  • Browser extensions
  • Multihop
  • Streaming mode
  • Dark Web Scan
  • PassWatch Password Manager

256-bit AES Encryption

OVPN’s powerful military-grade 256-bit AES encryption has a 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key to encrypt all your web traffic.

DNS Leak Protection and DNSCrypt

Available as a toggle feature, this protects against DNS spoofing attacks. It also spoofs DNS addresses while browsing.


OVPN’s torrenting feature is its next best offering. From file sharing and P2P file transfers to using torrenting software, users don’t face any difficulty at all. What we liked best was the kill switch feature (default enabled) that blocks any traffic from going out in case you’re disconnected.


OVPN offers limited secure streaming support and is easy to use. All you need to do is activate the Enable streaming services option in the settings tab of the OVPN desktop client.

However, OVPN’s secure streaming access is the feature that stumped us the most. As previously mentioned, the server network is pretty small. And a smaller network of servers is easier for streaming platforms to block.

Secondly, OVPN directs streaming traffic to a separate set of streaming-optimized servers. This results in an even smaller number of servers available for streaming.

OVPN review – Additional Features

OVPN further extends its security and privacy promise to the following add-on features

WireGuard support

All of OVPN’s apps integrate with the WireGuard VPN protocol. Although the process of using WireGuard requires some amount of tinkering.
This guarantees a faster VPN connection, optimized code, and advanced encryption.

Public IPv4

The Public IPv4 assigns users a static IP address to access the internet when away from their home network or on a mobile device or tablet.


OVPN’s Multihop add-on routes user traffic through two data centers for encryption so it cannot be tracked. Multihop is currently available with the 6-month, 12-month, and 36-month plans.

OVPN review – Pricing

OVPN provides the same features in four pricing options that users can pay for monthly, semi-yearly, yearly, or bi-yearly:

  • OVPN desktop client
  • OVPN apps
  • Browser extension
  • Customer support
  • High-speed unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs guarantee

Monthly Plan

The monthly pricing package costs $12 per month and supports up to four devices simultaneously.

6-Months Plan

The semi-yearly plan costs $41.94 and supports four simultaneous devices plus the Multihop add-on.

12-Months Plan

For $59.88 per year, OVPN offers users the Multihop add-on and five simultaneous device connections.

36-Months Plan

OVPN’s 36-month plan costs $151.92 and provides seven simultaneous connections, plus the Multihop add-on and an OVPN T-shirt. Make sure to check their latest pricing on the OVPN official website.

OVPN review – Payment Options

Unlike most VPN providers, OVPN goes the extra mile when it puts your privacy and security at the top of the priority list. And their payment options prove it.

OVPN offers four payment platforms for users, two of which are common for e-commerce: PayPal and credit card. The other two are cash and cryptocurrencies.

You read that right—OVPN accepts payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. The company also accepts cash, but you’ll have to mail it to Sweden and wait a few days for it to be processed.

Both options provide unparalleled privacy—no record of your OVPN subscription will be in any of your accounts. The only drawback with these payment options is that obtaining a refund will be more complicated.

OVPN review – Ease of use

Despite its wide range of features and configurations, OVPN is easy to use. Most users will find the default settings ideal for casual use and won’t have to do much tinkering after signing up.

The OVPN platform has a simple interface and displays information clearly for easy navigation.
Because most of the security features are enabled by default, there’s little you’ll have to do.

OVPN review – Supported OS and devices

OVPN supports more device types than most VPN providers. You can use it on desktop computers, mobiles, routers, and even NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

OVPN is compatible with iOS, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems. There is an available dedicated app no matter what OS you use.

It also supports various routers, so you can bump up the simultaneous connections on the low-tier plans. There is also an OVPN browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi. From blocking analytics trackers to removing cookies and blocking advertisements, these extensions help users remain anonymous, safe, and unbothered when browsing.

OVPN review – Security and Encryption

OVPN’s security and privacy are top-notch. It uses a seven-layer model for network security that covers everything from the physical servers to the installation software and browser extensions. It also has robust insurance coverage on legal fees for fighting against user data demands by third parties.

Two of the main security features we loved were the no-logs policy and the diskless servers that operate the entire VPN network. These features ensure there’s no risk of your data and activity being stored, thereby ensuring user data cannot get leaked.

This was proven during the 2020 case when the Rights Alliance and their security experts failed to demonstrate any weaknesses in OVPN’s systems.
OVPN supports OpenVPN and WireGuard. OpenVPN uses AES-256-GCM for encrypting the data traffic, while WireGuard uses Curve25519 and ChaCha20 for the same.

OVPN also monitors users’ DNS settings to prevent other software from switching DNS servers. In addition, all network adapters are redirected to use a VPN tunnel while DNS queries go through special OVPN servers to prevent DNS leaks.

The only information stored is billing and payments. But with payment options like cryptocurrency and cash, you can easily avoid disclosing any information about yourself.

OVPN review – Customer Support

OVPN’s customer support team is made of L2 personnel that can answer any custom configuration question you throw at them. You can access their support teams via email and live chat. However, this team isn’t delivered 24/7, which is a drawback. OVPN also has a blog and an FAQ page that covers some of the main topics of concern.

OVPN review – Verdict

If security and privacy are your top priority, OVPN provides the best deal. Its pricing is a bit on the high side, but the offered features are great for complete security and privacy. There are also some great add-ons in line with its main offering. Another thing we love about OVPN’s offerings is the full-service torrenting support. While the provider offers streaming support, it isn’t their strongest suit.

The 3-year plan is the most popular one. And the biggest benefit of using OVPN in the long term is the addition of a device connection every year.
One of the main drawbacks is the short money-back guarantee window (10 days) and the complex process of getting your refunds if you pay with cash or cryptocurrency. There’s no free trial, so you’ll have to make your purchase decision after some careful consideration but no firsthand experience with the features.

Our reviews are the opinion of our editorial team and are not impacted by the advertising fees that our advertisers may pay us.
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Our reviews are the opinion of our editorial team and are not impacted by the advertising fees that our advertisers may pay us.
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